New Sensation…

So, as I was watching the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma the other night, and I spent a few moments explaining the relationships of the people in the book/film to my significant other, I thought of an idea for a new literary research paper. Mind you, I’m not currently taking any courses; my application for my Master’s in Humanities is still pending. My idea centers on the father figures in Austen’s works. I’m sure someone else has already focused on this, but, just like the time I took an entry-level Shakespeare course at a different University after already acing senior-level courses on Shakespeare, I believe a different perspective is always good. So, having just finished Pride and Prejudice, I’ve set my sights on Sense and Sensibility, one of the two Austen novels I’ve not yet read in their entirety (the other being Northanger Abbey).

At any rate, that’s where I am. Since, however, I generally read for pleasure only at night due to my other obligations (curses to the grading!) this could take quite some time. I’ll post updates to my thinking as I read, as well as  include research that I find during my search. Soon, I’ll try and frame out my ideas on Mr. Bennet. Baby steps toward the big idea, right?

1 thought on “New Sensation…

  1. I just watched that version of Emma again last week. Austen is the only author whose works have been translated into movies that I enjoy as much as the books. Over and over. David used to interrupt Harry Potter movies with growling and grumblings “That’s not right!” or “It’s not like the book!”

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