Working Together…

Yet again, NPR made me think on the way to work this morning. I heard about how Denver now has a shared workspace called Galvanize, a place in which workers from various technology-based companies come together to work, and most importantly to share ideas.

I immediately thought to myself, “Algonquin Round Table!” and “nerdfest that gave birth to Frankenstein!” Both of those groups paved the way for developments in literature and ideas and making connections – among other things.

I think it’s great that there are ways for companies to share space and ideas and think together (or, as the story points out, share a cup of coffee or a beer at Galvanize’s bars). I also think it’s great that many teachers allow their students the chance to collaborate about their work and share ideas.

And then of course I had to wonder where the real opportunities are for today’s writers, authors, anthropologists, sociologists, etc. get together and discuss ideas. Yes, I understand that the internet is here for us to collaborate and share ideas in a variety of ways. However, I believe face-to-face conversation and collaboration are invaluable when it comes to actually making true connections and also true developments in ideas, literature, and, well, the humanities field.

For something as valuable to the human experience as the humanities, we should make more of those connections happen.

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