A Month of No New Books—Day Three

So, I decided October would be my month of buying no new books. In part I decided this because I need to budget for Christmas presents, and also because, well, I have too many books to read already. So far, not buying new books has sucked (is there some rush we get from buying books? Or is that just me?), and it’s only the third day of the month. However, I thought it would be fun to start a blog “series” about all the books I want to buy but have to wait for.

3 October. Day Three of No New Books. This sucks

I want Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl. Why? Well, in part because Roxane Gay’s interview with her on Vulture intrigued me. Also because I am impressed that, at 28, Dunham can write a “memoir.” I still don’t feel, at 35, as though I could effectively write a memoir, although that’s largely because my memory sucks/I choose to forget things. Of course, I try to justify purchasing it mainly due to my continuous search for new, edgy/interesting nonfiction to use in my AP Language and Composition class. Since I loved and am already planning to use some essays from Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, and she liked Dunham’s book, Not That Kind of Girl is now on my book wish list.

In related book news, last night I finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and I loved it. Part of my love for the book came from the fact that I identified with Eleanor’s experience as the awkward girl in high school. While the timing was a little off (I was only seven in 1986, but my big sister was 15 and I wanted to be her so bad), and I didn’t have to wear a tight jumpsuit for gym class (instead, I hid my body beneath sweatpants under shorts and baggy t-shirts), I was the awkward one, and all I wanted was for someone like Park to think I was amazing. Didn’t happen in high school.

But the story is about so much more, and those subplots are heartbreaking and I think it’s safe to say that Eleanor’s situation will appeal to so many kids—at least I know that it would appeal to many of my students. So, as soon as my daughter burns through the book (let’s give it a weekend?), I plan to add it to my classroom library.

So, I’m sure I will want another book soon (probably tomorrow), so this should be a fun month full of blog posts.

6 thoughts on “A Month of No New Books—Day Three

  1. Reblogged this on Joe's Geek Fest and commented:
    It’s always intriguing when someone else is transparent about our addictions – this one is to books and Ms. Wheat is exercising some discipline on her addiction. It’s also amazing how, once we say no, the temptations seem to fly harder and faster. While I thought I would never encourage someone to avoid buying books – good look with this one Ms. Wheat.

  2. I’ve actually only recently discovered Rainbow Rowell myself, having purchased one of her other books last week. I’ve heard great things, so I’m eager to start it. Also, I get that same thrill from buying books and the stack on my desk is sixteen books high…and yet, I can’t help myself from buying more. Good luck!

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