Second Month of No New Books—I’m Actually Ok Without New Books

Yes, I’m fine without new books (for right now). As the holidays approach, I am finding myself more and more busy with life, teaching, and my editing apprenticeship…so there’s not a ton of time for reading, mainly because I usually fall asleep as soon as I start reading every night.

However, when I can stay awake, I am reading Erika Robuck’s forthcoming House of Hawthorne, which I can already characterize as rich and well-researched, and it has a beautiful cover.

House of Hawthorne

House of Hawthorne

I’m also working on a manuscript evaluation for my editing apprenticeship. I’ve got a full plate right now, it would seem!

So, back to reading and working, and focusing on getting everything done. Hopefully I’ll be visiting the Twittersphere again soon.

3 thoughts on “Second Month of No New Books—I’m Actually Ok Without New Books

  1. Great journey. Sounds like you learned a bit more about yourself and still no dearth of books. You’re an inspiration to add some restraint for the rest of us. Nicely done.

    • Well, thank you! I certainly have plenty of books to read and not enough time to read them. I might take a break from buying books for a longer time than just three months!

  2. I’ve got the same problem. Being a student, there isn’t really much time left for reading. And falling asleep while reading is another problem a lot of us are suffering from. I liked your post, definitely thumbs up 👍

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