why am i sad?

So true. The end of the school year is always bittersweet!


What is this feeling made of? It feels uncomfortable (like worry) yet exciting (like waiting for pizza).

It hums and bumps around underneath the events of a day (like a puppy in the saucepan cabinet).

It’s comprised of equal measures of good and bad, happy and sad, excitement and dread (like leaving my best friend to go on an adventure).

I know what it is: the end of the school year.

They’re going to leave me. They know so much more than they did when we met eight months ago. They are so done with this course. I’m impressed and proud and I’ll miss them when they leave me.

As a group, they have a beautiful curiosity for understanding the organic chemistry that I love. They memorized a hundred reactions, functional group inter-conversions, and about eighty mechanisms. When they don’t know the mechanism, they can reason it out. They can design the synthetic steps…

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