Review—We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Being a parent is never easy, nor is learning how to be a parent after avoiding it for fifteen years. This is the lesson Letty Espinosa has to learn after her mother, Maria Elena, leaves her to go to her husband, who has returned to Mexico after living in San Francisco for Letty’s whole life. Her son, Alex, must also learn to allow his mother to love him in this compelling novel from Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

The dual narrative, seen from both Letty and Alex’s perspectives, follows Letty’s journey as she reluctantly takes on the role of mother to her two children, Alex and Luna, and learns how to care and provide for them as their grandmother had done since the day Alex was born. Though Letty guards her secrets and her fears carefully, she is unable to keep her coworker Rick from learning truths about her, and unable to keep Alex from learning the truth about his father.

We Never Asked for Wings

Alex and Letty slowly learn how to love one another as they begin to redeem themselves from their past. Along the way, Alex discovers what it means to fall in love for the first time, and Letty begins to believe that she might be able to find love again after Alex’s father. But both risk losing everything when Alex takes a risk to help a classmate.

Diffenbaugh spins the tale of Alex and Letty through her engaging prose, and the reader truly does hold on to the hope throughout the novel that both Alex and Letty will give their new life together—and each other—a chance.

**This book was provided to me in conjunction with my role as a Reader for the Book of the Month Club

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