Change Is In the Air

I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog for some time now. Over time, my posts have slowly morphed from discussing humanities to mostly reviewing books, discussing authors, and writing the occasional post about teaching.

Last weekend, amid the firestorm of things going on in my life, I did have a moment to ask my husband, “Hey, do you think I should change the name of my blog from ‘Wandering Bark Humanities’ to ‘Wandering Bark Books?'” His response was, “I told you that you would want to do that eventually.” Boys. Seriously. But he did. And he was (and is) right. So. I mean, look at this picture:


Anyway, I have purchased the domain, and slowly but surely, I will make changes on this blog that direct all traffic to that address. Don’t try to go there yet…I’m not that far in the process, but I wanted to write a general informative post about what is coming in the near future.

Yes, I still have an interest in the humanities, but really, books are—and have always been—my passion. Since they inform the humanities, my original blog title and “direction” seemed natural. I’m happy, though, that I’ve homed in on my true passion(s): reading, editing, and loving books.

So, look for some changes—including Wandering Bark Humanities becoming Wandering Bark Books—to come soon!

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