Shelfie Hop!

Shelfie Hop

Welcome my little corner of the Shelfie Hop, an awesome idea by Bookiemoji and My Friends Are Fiction.

First, I want to make sure you know there’s a list of all Shelfie Hop participants at the very end of this blog post, so make sure you go visit everyone!

Now, let me share my shelfie of my strong Funko Pop (mostly) female characters:

Strong Female Characters!

Strong Female Characters!

From L-R, we have Princess Leia, Rey (from The Force Awakens), Katniss Everdeen, Wonder Woman, Carol from The Walking Dead, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Black Widow, and Storm from X-Men. Hermione is on another shelf, keeping Harry and Ron in line. Without her, those poor boys wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

And now, here are (some of) my other shelves:

The "Classics and Literary Fiction" Shelf

The “Classics and Literary Fiction” Shelf, with one of my Shakespeare Shelves peeking in at the bottom

One of my older book shelves. I collect old books!

One of my older book shelves. I collect old books!

The 2015 “Read” Shelf (though this doesnt count books I’ve edited)

One of my TBR shelves, plus Raggedy Anns handmade by my paternal grandmother.

The Hunger Games/Harry Potter Shelf, plus another two TBR shelves and Sam and Dean

Harkness/Bardugo/Flyte/Roth/Rowell shelf

And finally, here’s my TBR tower that is next to my TBR shelf.

Be sure to visit everyone else participating in the hop! You know you love checking out shelfies!

5 thoughts on “Shelfie Hop!

  1. Great collection! I think all of us readers are starting Funko Pop collections to keep all of our books in line. XD I love the TBR tower. I’d steal the idea except I basically need a bookcase for these books themselves. oops. 🙂

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