Book Review Policy

Book Reviewing Policy

At this time, I am not accepting indie or self-published books for review, due to a full work and editing schedule.

I accept—and prefer—print ARCs (please contact me for my mailing address), and also digital copies for review consideration. Based on the genre of the book, my schedule, or the book, I reserve the right to not finish or review a book. My schedule—as a mom, teacher, and editor—is hectic. I will make every effort to complete a review within the month of the book’s release, but I make no guarantee regarding that timeline. Please know that I do my best to read each title I receive.

I like to read and review various genres in middle grade, young adult, and adult categories. My favorite genres include:

Historical fiction (chiefly British, though anything to do with literary characters is right up my alley)
Mythological retellings
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Literary fiction

Additional information regarding reviews:

I am open to participating in blog tours, cover reveals, etc.

If you would like to send a mid-series title along for review, please include the previous books in the series as well; context is very important for me as a reader (and teacher, for that matter).

If you would like me to review your book, please email me at, or complete the form below.

I cannot guarantee reviews of unsolicited books.

If you would like a book reviewed within the month of publication, please send it no later than a month prior to publication date.

I make no promise regarding positive reviews, but I am an honest reviewer. Most of the books I receive are free and courtesy of publishers or book marketing firms. Other books I review, I purchased on my own. Know that receiving a free book does not influence the tenor of my review. I do write reviews as professionally as possible, but you can expect an occasional GIF.

When I am finished reading ARCs, I usually pass them along to my daughter first (if applicable). When she finishes reading them, I add them to my classroom library.

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