Well, Hello! Here’s Wandering Bark Books!

The name change process is complete! Wandering Bark Humanities is now Wandering Bark Books.

Stick around and check back often for book reviews, discussions of books I’ve read, and other bookish posts.

For now, here’s a sneak peek of a forthcoming shelfie post that I’m planning in conjunction with Bookiemoji’s Shelfie Hop. I kind of have a lot of bookshelves, but here’s my shelf of “completed” classic and/or literary fiction books to give you a preview:

The "Completed" Shelf

The “Completed” Shelf

So many exciting things are happening, I can’t keep up! (Hence, as you may have noticed, my relative absence from Twitter, etc. Between home life, teaching, reading two books so I can teach them, reading Alexander Chee’s The Queen of the Night for fun, an editing job, and trying (and not necessarily succeeding) to keep up with book reviews, I’m just a skosh behind.

BUT I plan to catch up soon. And with at least ONE of my tasks (the blog switch-a-roo) completed, I can continue` to line everything else up and tackle tasks accordingly.

You all stay kind and keep reading books! They do a “body” so much good.