Review—Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

When you’re in high school, your friends are more than friends; they’re a safety net, sounding board, and sometimes even closer than family. That was the case for Carver Briggs and his friends Eli, Blake, and Mars…until he loses it all in a way he’d never imagined. Continue reading

Review—The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner

In Jeff Zentner’s debut novel, The Serpent King, Dillard (Dill) Early, Lydia Blankenship, and Travis Bohannon narrate their experiences as they survive their last year in high school. Yes, I said survive, because who doesn’t remember what that last year was like? For the three of them (Travis and Dill especially) the drama of their senior year in high school is mere background music for the highs and lows they face in their lives outside of school. In many ways, The Serpent King is about surviving more than just that last year; it’s about the trio surviving their situations and expectations of everyone around then, and surviving everything their lives throw at them.

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