Why I Loved…Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

So, for books that have been out a while, I decided I would do a post discussing why I loved (or maybe hated, though that would be very rare) a book instead of writing a review. Because, really, I don’t see the logic in writing a “standard” review for a book that’s been out for years. Also, because sometimes, with books, there are only certain things I want to talk about vs. writing a general overview to entice other readers to read the book.

So, here we go with my first attempt at such a thing.

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A Month of No New Books—Day 10

Well, here we are. Ten days in, and I haven’t bought any new books. Not even for my daughter for Christmas (I did start buying Christmas presents early…I always do). I think I might be turning a corner as far as my addiction is concerned. I think seeing the sheer volume of books waiting for me to read them has had a significant impact on me…and so I am reformed. Maybe. I really want Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven. But I am getting closer

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