Self-Care Summer

Twice in our end-of-year Language Arts circle in June, teachers said they were going to use the summer to figure out who they were. One said she was going to figure out who she was when she’s not here, because the last school year had hollowed her out. The other said she needed space to remember who she is again.

As I sat and listened (because I hardly ever share much of significance, being the private person I am), I thought of the quote from The Tumbling Turner Sisters, a book I was reading at the time: “There’s something to that…What you have when you’re just you.”

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I Am Afraid to Write

I have writing notebooks hidden under my bed. The writing in them spans years of my life; there are many words on the pages.

The thing is…I haven’t looked at them in years. Literally. I am afraid to look at them. I am afraid to remember things I wrote about, things I have long since forgotten. I am afraid of the memories. Most of all, I am afraid of my voice.

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Practicality and Teaching 

I don’t post a lot about teaching; mostly I post about books and reading.

But I was thinking today about the practicalities of teaching. The things that people do not bring up in teacher training courses. And I figured I would take some time to write about the things that have saved me—literally or figuratively—for the past seven years.

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Yes, I’m Still Alive

But also so very busy that my head hurts. I’ve started a new teaching position in a different district, and that combined with “momming” a teenager and a toddler and “wifeing” an amazing husband result in a severe time deficit on a number of levels.

At any rate, I do still like to think, and I do still like to think that, at some point, I will be able to compose an intelligent post about Shakespeare or one of my other literary interests again (or hey, maybe even teaching).

So, don’t you forget about me, I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby…just kidding, I’m more likely to be sleeping if I have a spare moment.