An even longer time gone!

Having a full time teaching job, and then getting pregnant and having a baby will definitely cause one to drop off the face of the planet. Given that, here’s the short version.

I was busy with teaching DP Language A and Language A1 for the 2011-2012 school year.

My husband and I got pregnant in December of 2011, and I gave birth to our son (want to guess his name?) on 29 September of this year. 

I am currently prepping to return to work…next Monday. I am not looking forward to this, though I do love and miss my students. I just know I love and will miss my little boy even more.

Given all that, I’ve been lacking in my…communication, let’s say, not to mention my literary studies. Though I did read Brave New World again so I could teach it this coming semester.

So, onward and upward and back into the black hole I go…at least for a while. Probably until May. Maybe even after that.