Sense and Sensibility Reading and Thoughts – Entry 2

Well, I’ve been reading more and more, and I’ve come to several conclusions:

1. Being more than half-way through the novel, I can say with near certainty that I’m not likely to find a faulty father figure, apart from the previous reference to Mr. Dashwood the elder.

2. I really, truly dislike Fanny Dashwood. She is, along with Caroline Bingley, one of the Austen characters I detest the most; a credit, I suppose, to Austen for writing the characters so well.

Perhaps, after I’m done with my current exploration, I could focus on detestable female characters in her novels.

I’ll be done with Sense and Sensibility soon, so I’ll be able to write my last “Reading and Thoughts” entry; unfortunately, I’ll be focusing mainly on my reaction to the novel more than examining father figures.

Live and learn, though. Exploration is the only method of discovering that there is another option.