Why I Teach (The Response)

So on Monday I posted my teaching “vision statement” as a way of sharing more of what I’m like as a teacher. That is, after all, my “first” career, with editing and book blogging being my secondary ones.

In an attempt to build community and allow the kids to know even more about us, my co-teacher and I allowed them to ask questions of us. They were allowed to do so anonymously, and then we chose some to answer in front of the class. I compiled their questions into a list (because that’s the organized type of person I am), and I’m posting them here. Why? Well, because their questions constitute yet another reason why I teach, especially the one in bold. Hope you enjoy!

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Being a teacher…

Being a teacher means being a lot of things. It means being a guidance counselor, a mentor, a proficient multi-tasker, a confidante, a shoulder, a parent, a sister (or brother), a reality check…I could go on and on. Perhaps soon I will, in a more studied and heartfelt fashion.

However, for today, being a teacher means grading papers at Panera. Yep, that’s right. That’s where I am. Just took a short break to write this because it was on my mind. That is all.

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An even longer time gone!

Having a full time teaching job, and then getting pregnant and having a baby will definitely cause one to drop off the face of the planet. Given that, here’s the short version.

I was busy with teaching DP Language A and Language A1 for the 2011-2012 school year.

My husband and I got pregnant in December of 2011, and I gave birth to our son (want to guess his name?) on 29 September of this year. 

I am currently prepping to return to work…next Monday. I am not looking forward to this, though I do love and miss my students. I just know I love and will miss my little boy even more.

Given all that, I’ve been lacking in my…communication, let’s say, not to mention my literary studies. Though I did read Brave New World again so I could teach it this coming semester.

So, onward and upward and back into the black hole I go…at least for a while. Probably until May. Maybe even after that.