I began teaching in Fall of 2007 after arriving a bit late to the profession, as I didn’t attend college immediately after I graduated from high school. I have taught in three schools in three different counties in Colorado, all of which are high-poverty, low-income schools. Subjects with which I have experience include:

      1. Introduction to Literature (9th grade).


      2. American Literature (11th grade).


      3. British Literature (11th or 12th grade).


      4. World Literature (11th or 12th grade).


      5. AP Language and Composition (11th or 12th grade, depending on the school).


    6. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Language A, all Parts (11th and 12th grade, 2- year program).

I also have experience with Gifted and Talented Students. For three years I served as the Gifted and Talented Liaison for a grade level of students (I “looped” with them.) This meant a lot of things, not the least of which was significant affective support.

Here is a list of additional trainings I have attended over the years:

      College Board Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Training – Cherry Creek, CO, July 2013


      International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Language A Level 1, First Exams 2013 – Lake Tahoe, CA, June 2011


      AVID Summer Institute, Essential Academic Skills for College Readiness – San Diego, CA, July 2011


      Jane Austen Concentrated Course, Oxford University, June 2011


      Colorado Department of Education Javits Gifted and Talented Courses via Adams State University:


      Raising Thinking Skills – March 2011


      Affective Guidance – March 2011


      Colorado Department of Education Gifted and Talented Training:


      Twice Exceptional Training – January 2010


    Affective Needs Training – April 2011

If you would like more specifics, including my personal contact information, please contact me at wanderingbarkbooks@gmail.com

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